P-Unit’s Frasha Signs Halisi the Band as Bon’Eye Denies Leaving Group

June 23, 2020

Kenyan hip hop group P-Unit has taken under its wing fast-rising hitmakers Halisi The Band.

The all-male Afro-pop trio comprises Galvin Leting, Lucky Misoi and Elly Okoth, and is known for hits such as ‘Avocado’, ‘Tuma Pesa’, ‘Thum MOra’ and ‘Sauti’.

Speaking about P-Unit’s decision to sign the hitmakers, rapper Frasha said: “I have signed Halisi, now called Halisination, purely because of their talent, discipline and hard work.

“I have watched them for some time now. We will be working together to create content that is locally accepted but internationally acclaimed.”

Frasha also contributed to the Gengetone debate, saying the controversial genre is a revolution by young artistes due to non-progression in the local music industry.

“They have created their own sound and audience. But they need to work on content if they are to benefit from it,” he said.

The rapper also spoke on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the industry.

“Corona has come with new opportunities, we need to adapt. How we used to consume music is also going to change, so everyone needs to re-evaluate themselves,” he said.

“We can make money on live shows, playlists from music download platforms, creating podcasts and others.”

At the same time, Frasha declined to comment on reports that Bon’Eye has left P-Unit.

When reached for comment, Bon’Eye said he is still under the group.

“Just to be clear, I am a director at Decimal Records and P-Unit Kenya Limited like anybody else, but if you are speaking about a specific project, yes, because I chose which projects to work on,” he said.

“I have a different strategy on different projects. Like the one they are releasing, I am not there, but we are still working together as P-Unit.”

P-Unit is set to drop a new song featuring Prezzo dubbed ‘Hop and step’.

“It was done at Kompact Records. It was a collaboration of many people and the product is amazing, can’t wait to drop it,” said Frasha.

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