A Smile That Can Cure Cancer and 8 Other Traits That Otile Brown Loves About Nabbi

June 23, 2020

R&B sensation Otile Brown launched a swooning charm offensive on social media in praise of his girlfriend, Nabayet.

Like a typical Casanova, the highflying hitmaker also made big promises to his Australia based Ethiopian ride or die, vowing to build or buy her a mansion as well as her favorite car.

In addition to making promises, Otile Brown also told his over 1.3 million Instagram followers to forget about Nabbi’s beauty for a sec as he listed 8 virtues that made him fall head over heels for Nabbi.

According to ‘Bad Man Shivo’, Nabbi is not only caring and understanding but unproblematic as well.

“Forget the beauty – she is a sign of 1.peace 2.humility 3.happiness 4.love 5.smart 6.unproblematic 7.caring 8.understanding,” Mr Otile shouted at the top of his lungs.

He went a step further and used hyperbole to ‘gas’ Nabbi, saying her smile and laughter can cure cancer. Crazy!!!

Her smile and laughter can even cure cancer – so therapeutic. That’s what I ride for…I promise, soon putting you in a mansion with your favorite car parked outside #inshallah ? ,” he wrote.

For someone who publicly confessed to ‘strangling the monkey’ due to their long-distance relationship (simp mentality if you ask me), let’s hope it does not end in premium tears for Otile Brown.

I’m dying to say ‘Wataachana Tu’ but my therapist says I need to see the glass as half full.

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