NCIC Summons Kikuyu Musician Muigai wa Njoroge Over ‘Ino Migunda’ Hit Song

June 23, 2020

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission of Kenya on Monday, June 22 summoned Kikuyu gospel artist John Muigai Njoroge over his latest socio-political hit song, ‘Ino Migunda’ (These Lands).

Released on June, 15 and trending at Number 1 with over 650K YouTube views as of Monday, the song faults the government on a number of issues such as land grabbing, demolitions, oppression and corruption.

Muigai also tackles the issue of political dynasties while seemingly endorsing the “son of a peasant”, DP William Ruto, as the solution to the oppressive ruling class.

“A time is coming when the poor people will rise up and say no to this oppression. On that day, a house will burn in Kisumu while those in Kabarak will scream so hard they will be heard in Nyahururu and those at your Grandfather’s house will escape on foot.

“In Kenya, when a poor man’s child gets some money, he is a thief. But when the one from a dynasty becomes wealthy, it is deemed inheritance. We have been ruled by thieves since we were born but this one you are calling a thief will end the looting culture (Ruto’s image displayed),” the musician sings in part.

However, according to NCIC, Muigai Njoroge’s lyrics were not only threatening but also insulting and likely to affect harmonious coexistence between Kenyan communities.

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia-led commission asked the musician to report to the NCIC’s Upper Hill offices on June 26, failure to which he will be cited for contempt of court.

Take notice that pursuant to section 29 of the NCI act, summons issued by the commission must be obeyed as if such summons were issued by the High Court,” the letter reads.

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