“Bitter Root in Uhuru’s Leadership Should be Uprooted,” Says Muigai

March 18, 2020

Popular Kikuyu musician Muigai Wa Njoroge has once again released another political song that is trending on YouTube.

Dubbed ‘Muri Mururu’ (‘Bitter Root), the song takes a swipe at President Uhuru’s leadership, which Muigai says has a bitter root that needs uprooting.

“Those who hate Raila can claim it is him I’m referring as the bitter root, while those who hate Uhuru like me can call him the root, but my message is that I am supporting an agreement between Ruto and Uhuru,” he told Word Is.

In the song, Muigai sings in part:

“The bitter root is causing division among the Kikuyu community. Leaders, Kikuyu Council of Elders and church leaders, it is now upon you.

A story is told of three cows that for a long time were grazing together in the field, but they ended up being killed one by one due to their foolish cunning.

There is this bridge you are referring to as BBI.You all saw its repercussions. Nyoro, a one-hour-old governor, chasing his brother (Moses Kuria) in Kitui.”

According to the musician, he was given the message by God to pass to Kenyans.

“My message is home and the song has been embraced, that is why it is trending. If we don’t organise ourselves and meet in the backstage, our children will hate and curse us,” he said.

“I speak the truth and I will continue passing the message according to what God wants me to,” he added.

Here’s the song’s video.

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