Millionaire at 19 and 9 Other Facts About YouTuber Chebet Rono

June 16, 2020

Online comedian and Youtuber Deborah Chebet Rono is officially not a teenager anymore after turning 20 on Monday, June 15.

As part of her birthday celebrations, the former NRG presenter shared with her fanbase 10 of her proudest achievements.

In addition to earning her first million at the tender age of 19, the Instagram personality is also proud of being the first youngest radio presenter in Kenya.

The YouTuber is also proud of garnering over 4.2 million views on her channel.

Here’s a full list of Rono’s achievements at the age of 19:

  1. First youngest radio presenter in Kenya
  2. Earned my first million
  3. Became the first fastest rising online creator
  4. Appeared in Magazine
  5. Appeared in a couple newspapers
  6. Headlined in a couple of blogs
  7. Met my Kenya idols and interviewed some
  8. Had the No.1 mid-morning show on Radio
  9. Earned 4.2 M YouTube views on Chebet Ronoh
  10. Appeared on most Kenyan TV Networks

The content creator further expressed her gratitude to God for the blessings.

“I really just wanna thank God so heavy for everything he blessed me with at 19 I could never do this on my own fr?? I’m thankful for every struggle and lesson. #im20mfsssss,” she wrote.

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