Eric Omondi Reveals Where He First Met Jacque Maribe

June 16, 2020

Award-winning comedian Eric Omondi has disclosed where and when he first met his baby mama Jacque Maribe.

In an interview with Rev Lucy Natasha on YouTube, the funnyman said they met in 2011 while working at Radio Africa.

“That is the question I’m asked most, some Kenyans just want to know about me and Maribe… We met at Radio Africa (in 2011). I was working at Radio Jambo and she was at Kiss TV,” said Omondi.

The pair went on their first date at Java Sarit Center and as they say, the rest is history. According to Eric, they vowed to remain best friends even after they both left Radio Africa to pursue other jobs.

“Alikuwa reporter Kiss TV. Tukapatana tukakuwa marafiki sana. Tukaenda date pale Java Sarit Center. Tukawa marafiki na mimi nikatoka hata yeye akatoka akenda Citizen. Since then were tight. We’re the best of friends na sisi tunajiambia kila siku whatever happens, we’ll remain best of friends. Tunajikumbusha kila siku. She’s a true friend,” said the funnyman in a past interview.

In the interview with Rev Natasha, Eric also revealed what he always looks out for on a first date.

“I wish to date or work with someone with respect. If I am meeting you for the first time, U would watch how you treat strangers and especially waiters or security men. That tells a lot.”

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