Celebrity actor and media personality Nick Mutuma has shed some light on his relationship with his partner and baby mama, ‘Maria’ actress Bridget Shighadi.

The longtime on and off lovers started dating about six years ago, during which time they endured a nasty break up that saw Nick Mutuma date Tanasha Donna for a short while. However, the arrival of their daughter Dua two years ago seemed to steady their relationship.

And according to Mutuma, the stay at home situation in the wake of COVID-19 crisis has brought them much closer because they get to spend most of their time together away from their busy work schedules.

“This time has brought us closer. Bridget is doing well. You can live with somebody but because of work, friendship becomes systematic. You go to work, come home, have the same conversation. But now you get to explore one another and understand one another, respect one another a lot more. It’s been awesome,” Mutuma said in an interview with K24.

The film producer also narrated how he got into acting by accident.

“I started my career 10 years ago. Someone noticed me on the streets and told me I got what it takes to be an actor and model. He asked me to go for some sort of an audition. He gave me a G4S uniform and a rungu and asked me to wear it,” he said.

“I was modelling the G4S uniform for the MD (Managing Director) and Marketing Manager to approve and I remember I made Sh3,000 from that. It was the most exciting feeling being a young guy that I could just take money for being myself walking around. From there we took off.”

Eleswhere, Bridget Shighadi hailed Nick Mutuma as an amazing dad. She was responding to a question from a curious follower on Instagram who wanted to know why Bridget didn’t post Nick Mutuma on Father’s Day.

The 29-year-old fashion designer explained that she does not live her life on social media.

“My purpose in life is not to live it on social media, every day is Father’s day in our household because he is such an amazing dad in every way and I don’t need social media to prove it,” wrote Ms Shighadi.

Here are some screengrabs of Bridget’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ session: