Akothee’s Wedding Shoes Break the Internet as Singer Shares Never-before-seen Photo of her Big Day

June 26, 2020

Celebrity musician and philanthropist Akothee was the butt of the joke on social media Wednesday after sharing a never-before-seen photo of her wedding day.

Taking to her popular Instagram page, the self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers published an old photo taken at her wedding to her first love and father of her daughters, Jared Okello.

The picture shows the newlyweds receiving what looks like a marriage certificate, with Jared dressed in an oversized Tux and Akothee in a gunny sack-looking white wedding dress.

“Weh my friend, I was legally married in church ????? Don’t find me twerking naked on shoshomidia and imagine I just emerged from the streets of koinange ????????, But Daddy, why oversized. AWENDO SDA CHURCH ????????? Me and my first Love, Haki Mimi narudi, Nani anapinga?????????????????? Jared hawa watu hawanielewi. Halafu why were all the things so long haki ?‍♂️?‍♂️,” she wrote.

The mother of five added: “Mimi narudi kwa Jared wangu nyinyi mtajipanga, na usingo yenu ????#BelievethisAtyourownrisk ??”

In the comments section, it was apparent that Akothee’s wedding shoes stole the show as fans incessantly trolled the singer.

“Fiatu vyako ( shoes) ?? Can be used by China Road company to make roads in Siaya walahi ?,” said Chris Kirwa.

Comedy genius Flaqo411 added: “The shoes????‍♂️??‍♂️???The shoes!!!!!!!!??eiiii tho”

TZ femcee Rosa Ree commented: “Shoe gamee???”

Comedian DJ Shiti seemingly lacked the words: “???????????????????????????”

Even Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby, wasn’t left behind: “The shoes ???????????”

One Naomi Mukami was more inspired than entertained as she observed: “I just love how Akothee is real and doesn’t hide her story! She isn’t an overnight success… She is stands to be an example of what process can do. I love her! I celebrate her????”

While Gabu Lonzo noted: “Everyone looks very happy in that wedding ?”

“?????that tailor should be arrested,” added Wanyinyi.

Paula Bradley wrote: “It is what it is ???? Acheni Mungu aitwe Mungu?????”

“Hizo viatu nazikumbuka…zilikua zimeandikwa Paris,” added Julie Sakong.

“Waah akothee umetoka mbaaaali,” Rakelsue said.

LuceeMorales commented: “??????viatu????? I can’t stop laughing”

“Hahaha aki ata mimi nimepata hope sai ntakuja make it in life Insha Allah,” Officialshamsbird noted.

LizJackson rallied: “Haki the person who sold you those shoes should be arrested????”

“Sijui kwa Nini nacheka?? call police,” wrote Sussyakisa.

MellisahMelGibson added: “The shoes are a testimony that you were wife material ???????”

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