Tanasha’s Self-Proclaimed Baby Daddy Vows To Kneel For Singer’s Forgiveness

May 28, 2020

Tanzanian radio presenter Mwijaku is now singing a different tune after Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna threatened to sue him for claiming that he sired her baby.

A day after Tanasha said her lawyer would serve Mwijaku, the actor spoke to the press saying that his remarks were misinterpreted by the media.

He clarified, albeit sarcastically, that he did not say he was the biological father of Naseeb Junior. He explained that in Kigoma, where he and Diamond Platnumz hail from, people call each other brothers, sisters and therefore, your brother’s child is more or less yours.

Mwijaku said this is because they are brought up together by a united community that adheres to tradition.

Asked what he would do if Tanasha declined to forgive him, Mwijaku said he would come to Kenya and kneel for forgiveness.

“Nitapiga magoti mpaka Kenya,” he said.

Watch Mwijaku’s remarks in the clips below.




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