Court Deals Blow to B-Club, Kiza Lounge, Space, Explorer Tavern

May 28, 2020

Kilimani area nightclubs; B-Club, Explorer Tavern, Kiza, and Space Lounge will remain closed after a court dismissed their petitions to reopen.

Barry Ndengeyingoma, managing director and co-proprietor of B Club, Antonio Leting of Explorer Tavern, James Kungu Kariuki of Space Lounge Bar and Grill and Judy Gitau of Kiza Lounge had moved to court to challenge a court order that shut down their operations in November last year after Kilimani residents complained of noise and disturbance.

The petitioners argued that they stand to lose more than Sh400 million in investments should the closure order stay. In separate applications, the entertainment joints also told the court that 120 people will be rendered jobless.

The suspension of the order would have allowed the clubs to reopen pending the filing, hearing and determination of an appeal challenging revocation of their licences.

While dismissing their request to suspend the order, Environment and Lands Court Justice Loice Komingoi said that the clubs are close to residential zones and that the traders did not provide proof of the losses.

“The issue of substantial loss is a matter of fact. Each of the applicants ought to have demonstrated substantial loss by way of documents. They have not done so,” said Justice Komingoi.

She also noted that reopening the popular joints would be a disservice to Kilimani residents.

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