‘Kumbe Umebeba!’ Lillian Muli Told After Flaunting Her ‘Fundamentals’ [PHOTOS]

May 20, 2020

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Media personality Lillian Muli has it and she did not shy away from flaunting it on social media yesterday.

Posting to her Instagram account with over 950K followers, the Citizen TV news anchor on Tuesday brightened her followers’ day with a perfect shot of her surprisingly sizeable bum.

While the self-proclaimed ‘Mama Boys’ posted the photo under the pretext of showing off her new pants, we all know, deep in our butts, that it was not just about the pants.

“These pants are just too dope…” Muli captioned the picture.

It was a day in which the celebrity media personality was feeling herself as she treated her fans with more photos of her elegant outfit by ‘Against_allads’.

“Feeling myself. Looking fab wearing top and pants from @against_allads. I’ve always been into dresses but lately I am really feeling pants,” wrote Muli.

In another post, the news presenter celebrated her achievements in the media industry.

“Never knew that some day this Kamba girl called Nzisa would be on National Television. From KTN to Citizentvkenya. It has been a good run. I’m still chasing my dreams. I think we need to pat ourselves on the shoulder and be proud of our achievements especially if your growth is organic and not sponsored by anyone. Thank you God you are my number one sponyo! ? God is not man that he should Lie! He will always lead you towards your God given destiny and he will always provide for you,” wrote Muli.

And in another post, Lillian posted her eye candy of a face and simply wrote: “Mama Boys”, perhaps to let the stunning picture do all the talking.

The four posts drew hundreds of comments and thousands of likes as fans gushed over the 38-year-old TV bombshell.

Naturally, netizens were more drawn to the picture of Muli flaunting her ‘fundamentals’, with some seemingly taken aback by the substantial size of Muli’s peachy bumbum.

We have sampled some reactions below:

“Ladies please note, the pants don’t come with the body????,” one fan, @kyalodenny, cautioned.

A second IG user, identified as makasifridah, wrote: “And I want your body? beautiful Nzisa.”

@engwynnie added: “Figure???”
Another, @mureithivincent, was ready to be “finished” as he wrote: Finish us Lillian!!! ?????”
Sakas Bwani wondered: “You sure guys are focussing on pants?”
“Kumbe umebeba Ivo ?” wrote robert.reto.
Amos the only observed that Muli’s pair of pants: “Inatoa shape ya fundamentals vizuri ?”
Underrated Ninja kept it real, saying: “Mimi sioni pants but anway??”
“Forget about the pants @lilmuli you are just more than dope ?,” said Mwende Abbie.
“You have a bright future behind you, (insert snoop voice),” added mamavantoto.

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