How to Make Money Online in Kenya as a Freelance Writer

May 7, 2020

Make Money Online KenyaFreelance writing is one of the most effective lucrative practices to make money in Kenya. If you’re a talented and ambitious writer, why not try yourself as a freelancer and start earning money with the help of your skills and experience! As a developing country, Kenya offers a great deal of freelance essay writing jobs for aspiring writers to fulfill. Along with the jobs, people with a flair for writing receive many noteworthy opportunities that increase their income and make their freelancing experiences more substantial.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the popular tips on how to get rich on freelance writing!

Explore Trending Freelance Websites

The first thing you need to do to embark on your freelancing journey is find the right freelancing website. There are many web platforms where you can make your writing succeed, depending on how useful and popular the platform is. When choosing the freelancer websites you want to use, make sure to consider important factors such as license, traffic, user feedback, and many other cornerstones of a good online job market. Now, let’s take a look at the most widely acclaimed online platforms for freelancers.

  • Fiverr

As one of the largest and most attractive online platforms for freelancers, Fiverr gathers talented and creative individuals from across the world and provides them with the medium for realizing their potential while helping their clients. Here, a gig starts from $5 and goes up to the amount you want.

  • Upwork

According to many successful freelancers, this is the best website for people who earn with the help of gigs. This platform allows you to earn up to $50 per 500 words, being very convenient and easy in use. Utilizing the bidding system, Upwork allows freelancers to make their price offers to customers, setting the prices by themselves and waiting for clients to pick them.

Use Social Media

No one will be surprised by the fact that social media can be used for purposes other than entertainment and communication – you can also freelance via digital interactive technologies! Through social media, you can connect with clients, establish business relationships (yes, being an online freelancer means running your own small business), and make a buck writing for “needy” social media users. To promote yourself as a good writer and attract customers, you should post relevant professional content, which includes samples of your own works and other useful content.

Become a Blogger

Creating an informative blog can help you draw hundreds of customers, providing that you post helpful, educational content and demonstrate your writing mastery at its best. Write articles about the act of writing itself – develop outstanding guides, tutorials, manuals, and other types of content that will be useful to your readers and present you in the most favorable light! Today, blogging is considered an extremely effective and time-saving activity that promotes a freelancer’s brand and helps to establish important and long-lasting connections with clients. Be sure to optimize your blog for search engines, which will help it rank higher and stand out among thousands of similar blogs created by aspiring freelance writers like you.

Go for Cold-Pitching

Why wait for your potential customers to request your services if you can email them directly, offering your professional help? Think through your email campaign carefully, composing a compelling and credible text that will serve as a personal presentation, introducing the reader to the benefits of choosing you over other, less qualified candidates. Make sure to back up your statements and claims with evidence, providing certificates, licenses, or diplomas that add to your reputation as a skilled and proficient freelance writer.

Freelance Writing in Kenya Can Bring You Recognition!

Thanks to the digital innovations that help up-to-date individuals accomplish their goals, making good money as a writer is attainable in every corner of the world! When it comes to Kenya in particular, the crucial tips included in this article are widely popular, which is why you should consider these recommendations if you’re chasing the dream of freelance writing. 

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