Why Trolls No Longer Bother Size 8 Reborn

May 7, 2020

Having been in the public limelight for about a decade, musician Size 8 Reborn has faced her fair share of cyberbullying and trolls. While it may not be easy to handle the negativity that comes with being a public figure, Size says surviving several health scares has helped her develop a thick skin.

The former secular singer says nowadays, it is normal for her to be criticised or dragged through the mud.

“Especially when you do something out of the norm, it becomes an obvious thing for your haters,” she said on YouTube.

“But if you manage to fight for your life, these other things can never bring you down. Ati you lack sleep because of trolls and God has taken you through thick valleys and mountains.”

Size 8 Reborn recently came under sharp criticism over her song ‘High Bila Ndom’ with Masterpiece which was deemed “unchristian”.

According to Size 8, she is no longer bothered by people’s negative opinions.

“Also as Christians, you do not please people. They are no longer a bother. Right now, I am more concerned about my children and my health,” she said.

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