Philanthropist and celebrity musician Akothee has revealed some of the frustrations she has been facing regarding her self-titled foundation.

The singer launched Akothee Foundation in September last year to help the less fortunate in society, but the charity project has since become a hotbed for dishonest donors to take advantage of the singer.

While venting her disappointment on social media, Akothee said people have been taking advantage of the fact that she is the one running the foundation.

In a long post, Akothee said a number of cooperates who had invited her to their offices for possible partnerships have since left her high and dry.

“The foundation has made the brand very vulnerable, and people taking advantage of the fact that it’s Akothee running behind it , Some cooperates have invited me to their offices , promised huge contributions and after getting direct contacts with me, photos, thats the end ? when I follow up on what they promised, it’s water under the bridge, & I look like a bother ? God is seing you?” she wrote.

Akothee also slammed some of her fans whom she claimed insist on talking to her before making a contribution to the foundation.

“Some fans insist to talk to me first before they contribute, I wonder why they feel so special and that I AKOTHEE must talk to them before they send their contributions. That’s why they get into the trap of one CON MAN/ WOMAN, ESTHER ANYANGO??? what makes them different from those who just see the paybill 205024 and do the necessary? The spirit of entitlement is overwhelming in the society,” she posted.

The mother of five added that she also has stalkers, with one identified only as Sam allegedly going to the singer’s home four times.

“I have people stalking me in the name of they want to contribute to the foundation. Even coming to my doorstep. One SAM came almost 4 times saying he has 50,000 pounds, He follows my life on Instagram stories… he was given the bank details and office address, the police called him so they could go and collect the contribution he had, he then switched off his phone ? . But he insisted on coming to my home, saying we met at golf, he knows me for a long time, we were friends. I sincerely don’t know this annoying person. I almost got him arrested for stalking me,” narrated Akothee.

The singer also blasted people who volunteer to work for the foundation then demand to be paid.

“I have people who come to work as volunteers for the foundation, after they are not able to deliver, and I release them, they start asking for monthly salary, even if they just carried one carton of tissue,” she said.

Despite all the frustrations, Akothee vowed to remain steadfast in her charity work which she said is a calling.

“Above all, I would like to tell you that, it looks easy on cameras, but at times I even go to bed without food for being exhausted, I don’t want anyone to sympathise with me, for me charity is a calling, no one has forced me into it, I have my fulfilment when I create change, and make someone smile. For those who wish to tarnish the name of the foundation, just know that this foundation is a unique one, it’s guided by the spirit of God, and there is totally nothing you can do other than making noise for your own fulfilment, gossip is cheap and available, its mainly done with bitter people,” Akothee said.

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NEW COMERS AKOTHEEFOUNDATION was born and officially launched on the 28th of September at westone Hotel This was after the drought and fermine that attacked the people of turkana and I personally volunteered to go and support Turkana on my own ?? then fans / welwishers pushed me to join in the initiative, I have never thought of putting up a foundation in as much I am a philanthropist by nature, because of peoples expectations and pressure from the public, I never wanted to be associated with oppressing the poor and collectting funds from the public for my own course , I hit my rich level at the age of 30, I already had everything, from Children to homes to businesses .For my levels I feel rich and you can' argue on that. so The foundation was formed to incorporate those who would wish to sponsor and be part of giving back to the community . I have been doing much on my own off and on cameras even before the foundation , so the foundation was to try do bigger things, like reaching out to the vulnerable, build rescue centers , schools ,and try manage poverty, We have tried our best together with the support of cooperates / welwishers and my fans. AKOTHEE FOUNDATION has no sponsors yet ,& the main SPONSOR IS AKOTHEE THE BRAND ,I knock doors with my brand to ask for food stuffs in exchange of marketing, I ESTHER AKOTH invested heavily on my brand ,years back ,but instead of pocketing the money ,I use the platform to get things done for the poor, I dont need alot of money for my own upkeep. When Silverstone Airline stopped flying,AKOTHEE FOUNDATION was one of the most affected, accessing turkana became hell, not even talking about sending food, I got stuck the last time I went to take food ,then the 2 planes operating that route after silverston, also got accidents in a raw ?‍♂️?‍♂️, AKOTHEE FOUNDATION has no sponsors yet that send constant contributions, it's only when I ask and knock doors, and put up a paybill which is public. AKOTHEE FOUNDATION IS BIG ,Because its AKOTHEE THE MIGHTY HANDLING IT. So anyone who feels that AKOTHEE FOUNDATION IS NOT DOING ENOUGH. PLEASE, YOU ARE FREE TO PUT UP YOUR FOUNDATION TOO AND PICK IT UP FROM THERE??

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