Vera Sidika Hits Back at Broke Claims, Vows to Unveil “my next big blessing”

May 15, 2020

Vera Sidika has hit back at claims she is broke, saying that her haters and naysayers are not even ready for what she is about to unveil next.

Apparently, the socialite’s haters alleged that she doesn’t really own her house and that she borrowed it for pictures.

In a series of fiery posts on her Instastories, the former video vixen clapped back at her haters saying they are just being bitter because she copped the mansion five years ago.

Bought my house 5 years ago and it’s 5 years later that people wanna talk shit that I borrow house for pics lmaooo where were y’all 5 years ago when I got it. Y’all weren’t available to hate when it was still new. Y’all were too embarrassed to hate lmaooo. This just shows you that God is just making y’all show your bitterness before I reveal my next big blessing,” Vera posted.

“This one y’all gon die. I swear. Woi woi woi ata heri mngenyamaza tu coz sasa mtaambia watu mini.” She added.

Vera Sidika added that she can’t wait to unveil her next big move so she can give rumormongers more material to fabricate falsehoods.

I just like to give y’all more material so u can script and fabricate more stories to try convince yourself that I’m in the same level as y’all broke asses child. Don’t even stress yourself. Coz I haven’t even started. If y’all only knew what’s coming… u wouldn’t even dare try it. Coz the embarrassment, I already feel sorry for y’all. Can’t wait to unveil this big move. I’m so blessed it scares me sometimes. And right before I unveil my blessings to the world this always happens. It’s like God wants to embarrass y’all so he makes y’all show yourselves before I reveal the next blessing,” Vera wrote.

Well then get on with it already. Shock us and embarrass us to death, “Veronica Shikuku Shikwekwe”! Oneni huyu anajigamba nikama amepata dawa ya corona.

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