12 Lessons Bishop Kiuna Has Learnt From 26 Years of Marriage to Rev Kathy

May 29, 2020

Jubilee Christian Church founder, Bishop Allan Kiuna, has reflected on some of the lessons he has learned from his marriage to Reverend Kathy Kiuna.

The celebrity pastors have been married for a staggering 26 years, with Bishop Kiuna taking to social media to share at least 12 of the many life lessons he has learned.

In doing so, Bishop Kiuna also shared a #TBT picture from their youthful days; possibly in the 90s when Allan was serving in the Faith Evangelistic Ministry and Kathy was a worship singer.

“God has been too wonderful 26 years later. What are some of the lessons I have learnt( they are too many to write them all down)” wrote Bishop Kiuna.

The lessons are:

1)Pray without ceasing
2) Believe God for the MIRACULOUS
3) Know your assignment and do it well
4) Keeep growing on a daily basis
5) Forgive quickly
6) Always be excellent
7) Lift others up
9)Stay away from toxic people
10) Enjoy every moment of life
11) In everything give thanks
12) invest greatly in your family

The Bishop noted that: “This are just a few lessons I hv learnt and I keep learning every day!!”

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