How to write an exceptional assignment essay for the US College

May 29, 2020

An assignment essay is an evaluation to determine if students understand the course. It is a requirement for every institution that aims for excellence because it puts students to task. Assignments have rules and deadlines, which make them challenging for students. The tips below will enable you to come up with an exemplary assignment essay.

Come up with an outline

Just like any other task, an overview guides you into successful essay writing. An excellent overview guarantees your essay a good structure, coherence, and flow, which are essentials for any assignment. It should have a well-structured introduction, body, and conclusion so that you are not stuck when writing.

You can also look at outlines for already written essays to get more ideas. Remember that every article has a different outlook and calls for a unique plan. The outline should also have an analysis of your main ideas, a strong thesis statement, and Topic sentences for each paragraph. They are beneficial because they help you:

– stay organized

– write faster  and meet deadlines

– avoid unnecessary content and mistakes

– guide you when doing research 

Analyze your topic

Professors provide topics for students because they tend to wander to the areas they have not studied. It might seem simple, but understanding and achieving success on a topic provided is quite strict because there are expectations. In the absence of a heading, you have an uphill task of finding one and remaining relevant. However, this has an advantage because you can pick one from areas that interest you and those you understand most. Analyzing a topic means:

*  Taking  time to read and  understand the topic and consulting to get what the subject is about is how to write a perfect essay

* Research the problem and finding relevant sources that give you a better understanding

* You can also recreate the topic if provided to fit your theme and make it excellent

Plan for a successful writing process

It is critical to developing an essay plan in English writing, which will help you prove your argument and keep the reader engaged. Your project should touch the different parts, which are the introduction of body and conclusion.

– Create humble time to brainstorm of the subject area and how best to tackle it

– Come up with a list of words and phrases that you have recently learned that will impress the professor.

– Collect all the material you will need in the writing process and read it in advance.

– Plan on how you will come up with  the length by allocating words to each part of the essay

Search for successful examples, templates and essay samples

There is a thin line between looking for inspiration and knowledge and copy-pasting. If you copy paste a sample or an example as it is,  it counts as plagiarism. A successful essay writing process happens through uniqueness and creativity. The reason you are searching for the samples is to get a better idea of the subject and familiar with the topic.

Sites such as are the right places to searches for all of the above. The process is also essential to know the different writing styles and even essay types.

  • Look for sample essays and get more information on the topic at hand.
  • Successful topic, outline body, and conclusion examples will help you recreate and pick the right headline.
  • Templates will help you with the structure and format of the essay which ensures flow and coherence

Start with a conclusion

A captivating conclusion is everything that is; why you should come up with it or an idea of how you want it to be. Students tend to forget about the conclusion after a long trying writing process. Coming up with a preliminary determination ill help you remember to write one. Your outline is not complete without a successful outcome.

Some people tend to judge your writing skills through the introduction and the conclusion. If your ending is engaging, it will prompt a person to dig dipper into the essay to see what kind of writer you are. A conclusion can make or break your piece; that is why you should ensure it has restated the thesis statement uniquely. The ending should also finalize the essay and not introduce new ideas.

Edit and proofread

Professors and editors are always looking out for errors and mistakes that discredit how you write an essay. That is why you should proofread and edit thoroughly before submitting your article. It is advisable to give a third party your work to correct and write to you. Many editing tools can help such as Grammarly, but make sure you go through the work afterward for one hundred percent quality. Sites such as provide revising services and are the best if you are looking for the best from a third party.

Conclusively, successful essay writing is all about planning and sticking to the plan. Outlines, examples, and samples are the best guides through the process of writing. You can only succeed if you understand the topic and the subject area. Finally, you should ensure to proofread edit your work at least twice to make it perfect.

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