From Lacking Bus Fare to Owning a Car, Size 8 Reflects on Life Journey

April 2, 2020

Gospel musician Size 8 Reborn was forced to reflect on her grass to grace life story after someone sent her a photo when she was still “grassy”.

The former secular music act attributed her growth to God and used her story to encourage her fans that nothing is permanent and giving up is not an option.

Size 8 recalled some of the hardships she had to endure before she met Jesus, including not being able to afford basic necessities.

” Yesu Yuko anatenda. My testimony how my life has changed wewe usikatetamaa ….. ati wanasema hakuna yesu. Manze my life is evidence uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii…. I love you Jesus you have carried me thru it all woi forgive me for murmuring and complaining, forgive me for not seeing just how far you have brought me and how much you have graced me changing my story. Wow I bless you Jesus none like you,” wrote Size 8.

The mother of two recalled: “From never affording sanitary pads to my face being on a pack of pads. From lacking bus fare to owning my own car. From lack of food to a full tummy how I bless you Jesus My God of all creation my life belongs to you.”

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Size 8 urged her fans not to give up in life because she is an example of what God can do.

“What am I trying to communicate to you guys is this manze God anaweza change life yako please usi give up. My life is a testimony it’s just not about the physical body you see only but more so much more in my life God has done wonders am almost in tears as I write this. Let’s give God glory.” She concluded.

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