EACC, DPP Hand Over Ksh 2B Corruption Proceeds to Covid-19 Emergency Fund

April 8, 2020

As earlier directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Office Director of Public Prosecution and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Unit (EACC) have released Ksh 2 billion worth of corruption proceeds to the fight against coronavirus.

DPP Noordin Haji handed over a cheque from the Prosecution Fund Account to the Cabinet Secretary National Treasury Ukur Yattani on Tuesday.

While presenting the dummy cheque, Haji and EACC boss Twalib Mbarak said there are still more funds to be recovered but they have to wait for graft cases to be complete.

“We have various institutions dealing with corruption. A lot more money is out there but because cases are not complete, we can’t use it. We have to wait for the cases to be complete,” said DPP Haji.

Ahead of the national budget reading, Finance Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani said they have been forced to review and revise certain projects.

“We are revising the budget and we won’t spare any item. We are suspending some projects to address the current situation and recovery of the income. We are cutting on some expenditure that we can push to the next financial year,” he said.

The CS noted it would be premature to give the exact coronavirus budget because the situation is not static at the moment.

“I may not be able to give you the specifics on the budget for Covid-19 because it’s a moving target, but the figures are massive. Some of these proposals are outrageous, we may not be able to finance them. Even with the prevailing circumstances, we must run a fiscally sound economy,” he added.

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