World Bank Commits Billions to Kenya For Covid-19, Locusts Control

March 17, 2020

The World Bank has committed up to Ksh8 billion to combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic and desert locusts in Kenya.

In an announcement Monday, World Bank said the Kenyan government will receive Sh6.2 billion to respond to Covid-19.

COVID-19 Financing Facility will avail $50 million (Ksh 5.15 billion) while $10 million (Sh1.02 billion) was sourced from the Contingency Emergency Response component of Transforming Health Systems for Universal Care Project.

“The US$60 million funding will enhance surveillance, laboratory services, isolation units, equipment, supplies, and communication to help mitigate coronavirus in Kenya,” World Bank Kenya announced on Twitter.

The funds will be used to mobilize response capacity, strengthen multi-sector platforms and help in monitoring and evaluation of prevention and preparedness.

They will also be used towards enhancing disease detection capacities and mobilizing surge response capacity through trained and well-equipped frontline health workers.

World Bank also announced that it had activated the disbursement of $14 million (Ksh 1.4 billion) for desert locust control.

The funds are sourced from the Contingency Emergency Response Component of Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project

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