2 Simple Tips to Better your Mental Health Wellness During the Coronavirus Lockdown

March 18, 2020

Whenever a crisis hits any society, people will instinctively come together to show solidarity, share experiences, and offer each other a helping hand. This social support is important when it comes to mitigating the negative impact such adverse events have on people’s mental health.

 Unfortunately, the outbreak of the coronavirus is quite unprecedented because people are advised to keep their distance away from people and self-isolate. The widespread national across lockdown across affected countries doesn’t make things better either. All these things are the exact opposite of what people want in times of crisis and they can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, anger, sadness, restlessness, and stress. But what can you do to avoid all these negative emotions and feelings? Read on for some useful tips!

Stay Connected with Friends and Loved Ones

With the availability of mobile technology and widespread internet connectivity, you can stay connected to the people who really matter in your life through calls, social media, email, etc. use this ample time to strengthen your most valued relationships. Staying in contact with the people who really matter in your life will bring a sense of togetherness that is very vital when it comes to coping with the crisis now and in the days, weeks or months ahead. 

Make an effort to reach out to people who you’ve not heard from in a while or others in your circle who are also isolated at the moment. The free time you have in isolation can cause tension but it can also serve as an ideal opportunity to stay connected and strengthen relationships with friends and loved ones.

Star a Side Hustle

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses have been forced to scale down operations or shut down completely. This means that people are out of jobs with nothing else to do. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you. Perhaps you’ve always been thinking about starting a side hustle to earn extra income. This may be the best opportunity for you to start. 

If you have internet connection and a PC, you can find many different types of online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home while having fun. For instance, you can start playing Mars casinos online  found at Clovr to earn some extra cash and have fun while at it. It will help to relieve your mind of the anxiety and fear associated with the crisis and you’ll be in a better mood knowing there’s something extra in the bank for those hard times.

In summary, coping with such unprecedented events like social distancing, self-isolation, and a national lockdown can have an adverse impact on your mental wellness. Of course, feeling worried, anxious, sad, angry, restless, irritable or helpless is all valid in such a crisis, but once you are aware of these emotions and acknowledge them, you can find ways to ensure they don’t bring you down. Try to think of all the small changes you can make in your life during this time.

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