Why Ringtone’s Baby Mama is Suing Weezdom

March 11, 2020

A woman who claimed that Ringtone sired her child about four years ago is back on the scene, and this time she has a bone to pick with gospel singer Weezdom.

Angel Nyambura has reported a case with the police against Weezdom for posting about her and her child on Instagram. Reportedly, the matter was filed under OB No  31/02/03/2020 14:00hrs at Kiamumbi police station in Kahawa West.

This is after Weezdom, on February 29, sensationally posted to his page that Nyambura and her child were suffering at the hands of the alleged deadbeat father, Ringtone.

Weezdom went as far as posting a photo of the child, something that did not sit well with Ms Nyambura.

Apparently, Weezdom blatantly refused to pull down the post, prompting Nyambura to seek police intervention.

“I have gone off social media because I don’t want the limelight and then I see Weezdom sharing my baby on social media. I called him and he was very rude. He told me he had the right to put whatever he likes on Instagram and that he knows big people in the government,” Nyambura told the Word Is.

She added: “It hurt me because I have a family to protect.”

When asked about the child support issue, Nyambura said: “It is between me and Alex (ringtone).”

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She reckons that Ringtone and Weezdom have personal issues and they shouldn’t involve her or her child.

On his post bashing Ringtone, Weezdom posted: “Leo nataka kudeal na issue moja about huyu mwanaume amejawa na umama @ringtoneapoko kwa Gospel industry. Juu kila siku Anatry kutrend na watu hapa social media na Ile Uchafu akonayo ye ata ndio anafaa kuokoka tena.

“Hii post specifically nimeandika juu huyu msichana ako kwa hii video, akona uchungu sana alidanganywa na Ringtone wakalala pamoja..baada ya kupata mimba Ringtone akaruka.Huyu msichana amekuwa akililia Ringtone asupport mtoto juu ye hupiga mdomo vile akona pesa kwa social media. But this innocent woman has been struggling and hustling on her own to raise Ringtone’s Son.

“Cha kusikitisha when the Girl tried to talk, Ringtone Anathreaten atamuua juu anajua watu wengi kwa serikali. The time she tried to speak to Kiss 100 This Wicked Ringtone hired a Chokora to impersonate himself as the father of Ringtone’s Son which really pained the girl and the Family And I have proof coz Ringtone even tried to talk to me nimtafutie mtu mwenye anaeza pretend to be the father of the kid.WHAT KIND OF WICKEDNESS IS THIS?? Si heri ata hii ya Bahati Na Willy Paul Yenye tunajua. Ambieni Ringtone Instead ya hii Umama mingi social media atumie hii time kubond na mtoto wake juu saa hii mtoto anateseka, mamake anahangaika wanakosa ata chakula. Ambieni Ringtone hii kuacha damu yake iteseke akipiga mdomo social media itamhaunt siku moja.”

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