Watch: Woman Attacks Instagram Date After Discovering He’s Not Harmonize

March 25, 2020

A Tanzanian woman attacked her date after finding out that he had impersonated Bongo star Rajabu Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize.

According to reports from Tanzania, the man who resembles the musician had successfully catfished the lady through Instagram and convinced her to go out on a date.

However, the man’s meticulous plan flopped when a team of reporters approached the two during their date. The reporters wanted to know why the man was impersonating Harmonize and it is then that the woman found out she had been duped.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the lady is seen attacking the man after he told the media that he doesn’t imitate Harmonize. He said that it is other people who claim that he looks like the ‘Uno’ singer.

“But you lied to me on Instagram that you are Harmonize,” the lady says in the clip as she rains blows on the Harmonize wanna-be.

Here’s that clip.

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