Vera Sidika: “Don’t Think of Coming to My House”

March 26, 2020

Vera Sidika appears to be taking Covid-19 safety guidelines seriously after sending out a message to her friends not to visit her.

The former reality TV actress also warned her friends against inviting her to their shindigs saying she should be left alone.

“Don’t care if we’ve been friends for 10 years or whatever please don’t even think of coming to my house. Y’all calling me to your house for BBQs and drinks and I’m not interested. Y’all bored souls need to leave me alone ooo,” said Vera.

The socialite noted that self-isolation was her lifestyle even before the Coronavirus pandemic.

My friends know I can stay a whole month indoors and not set foot outside literally my life before corona. Now they are suffering calling to ask for tips and inviting me for BBQ’s, let me stay at home ooo,” she added.

At the same time, Vera Sidika blasted people who have tested negative for Covid-19 but are not observing social distancing. She likened it to testing negative for HIV and then sleeping around without protection.

Y’all who went to test for coronavirus out of curiosity and tested negative and still going out moving around what are you looking for? It’s like testing negative for HIV then go sleeping around without protection,” she posted.

Apparently, Vera plans to have that baby she has been singing about for ages after the pandemic.

“If I survive this Covid19 I’m definitely making a baby ? Life is too short ?” she wrote.

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