Most Common Errors in Roulette

March 12, 2020

Roulette is hands down the firm favourite for most casino players. It’s one of the rare games that can cater to the amateur small budget player to the high stakes, big money punter. Whoever you are, whatever your budget; you can play roulette. It seems complicated and almost a little bit daunting at first.

The table, with the grid and spinning wheel can put players off. Yet once you start playing, you’ll soon realize that things are incredibly straightforward. Pick your bet depending on your budget and how lucky you’re feeling; then you’ll be cashing in the big money in no time.

Sounds appealing right? Well before you jump right in (and let me tell you, we wouldn’t blame you!) there are a few things you should know. Some errors are so common in fact, that regular roulette players still make these silly mistakes. Whilst they may seem small, over time it can add up big.

So want to know what stupidly obvious errors you should avoid? Want to know what things to follow to guarantee your way to winning? Then keep on reading to learn the most common errors in roulette and understand exactly what you should avoid, or even discover card games guide.

Inside bets

Now hear us out. Picking inside bets is one of the most straightforward roulette bets that anyone can play. Even if you don’t quite understand the rules or style of play, punters will instantly understand the concept of betting on specific numbers. This style of betting on inside numbers (o f the roulette grid) is one of the most exhilarating of all games.

However it’s also by far the most common error. The likelihood of any punter cashing on a particular number is in fact less then 2.5%. If you have the money then of course, go right ahead. However please remember that betting silly, completive and big bets is a serious error and one to avoid if you don’t have the bank roll to support it 

James Bond style

Everyone fancies himself or herself a bit of bond don’t they? The ultimate cool guy; shaken not stirred. Yet as hard as it may be to hear, it’s not for everyone. You might want to be the ultimate high roller, the big Hollywood spender. But this takes a huge bankroll with a budget that can withstand any low points.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t live up to it, so players should always remember to play within their means. In fact betting outside of what they can truly afford is one of the most common errors in roulette. Going for the double or nothing James Bond style of gambling is a sure fire way to strike out if you’re not on a winning streak.

Something that’s not so bad if you have a bit of a money cushion to soften the blow; but if things are tough then it’s not an error worth making.

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