Jalang’o: How Ujaluo Caused My Biggest Regret

March 31, 2020

It appears that the popular phrase ‘Ujaluo ni gharama’, which applies to members of the Luo community and their larger than life lifestyles, is true after all.

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This was confirmed by popular radio personality Jalang’o, who disclosed that one of his biggest regrets in life has to do with ‘Ujaluo’. The comedian was engaging his fans in a Q&A Instagram session where he said that his biggest regret was buying an expensive car before getting a house.

“Buying an expensive ride when I dint even have a house…ujaluo tu!!???” wrote the emcee.

During the same session, a fan asked Jalas: “What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to/for you?”

To which Jalango narrated an incident where a female fan snuck into his hotel room and hid under the bed.

“One crazy chiq went to our hotel and asked for my hotel room keys saying she is my PA then hid under the bed akingoja,” said Jalas.

Apparently, the fan stayed came out during the night, scaring the s*** out of him.

“Alitoka chini ya kitanda usiku…nilipiga nduru Hoteli yote ikaamka!!??????,” he said.

And what makes Jalang’o happy you wonder? It’s “Not caring soo much about what people say about me…then not bothered about things I can’t change.”

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