Akothee Reacts to Rumors She’s Pregnant With Bahati’s Child

March 31, 2020

Lol! Allow me to crack up at the thought of a Bahati and Akothee child. Can you imagine?

But my imaginations aside, the audacity of some people on the internet has it that Akothee is pregnant with Bahati’s baby. The two music acts recently worked together on a gospel track dubbed ‘Nakupa Moyo’, which seems to have sparked trolls and rumormongers into life.

A meme that’s doing rounds on social media reads: “Breaking news. Akothee is pregnant with Bahati’s child. Aki wanawake si mjiheshimu.”

This prompted the self-proclaimed president of single mothers to respond on Instagram.

In typical madam boss fashion, Akothee employed humor to dismiss the claims, saying that Coronavirus has started affecting people’s brains.

Corona has now left the lungs, and respiratory systems, it has madly affected the brains and no one is thinking. Please God, allow this bad air to pass, so people can go back to work, this is sad times?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ Korona, korona, when did you leave the lungs and attack the brain?” she posed.

Bahati’s Number One Supporter

This comes a day after Akothee penned a long message encouraging Bahati amid the negative backlash he has been getting

“You have shocked many with your moves, at your age you have responsibilities, a father and a husband. Some idiots in the industry can only count how many abortions their women or girlfriends have had. Some impregnate women and force them to have abortion or they ran away after blocking them on Instagram, my inbox is full with this kind of celebrities who take advantage of their fame.

“We know them, so just know that putting your family on clean limelight get ready to be admired, and it’s only success that triggers jealousy, otherwise they will ignore you, your brand gets stronger when people talk about you ? Keep doing what you are good at doing, they are not sleeping, it tells you they are watching?? ??, they are among the 200k views in one day ?????, you are winning, @bahatikenya you have mad fans and support behind you my son, waoshe wanyorosheeeeee ????, I am your number 1 supporter, ??” wrote Akothee.

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