Gloria Muliro On Losing Weight, Lessons Learned From Divorce, Hiatus

March 16, 2020

Gospel singer/songwriter Gloria Muliro opened up about her weight loss journey, high profile divorce, and musical hiatus in an interview Sunday Magazine.

On losing weight, the ‘Sitolia’ composer said she has lost about ten kilograms within the last year by going on a low carb diet, avoiding sugar for two years, and by exercising for 30 minutes in the morning and evening.

“I have around five more to lose before l get to my ideal weight,” she said.

Muliro also struggled with low self-esteem and low self-worth growing up and into her 20s.

“But I overcame by getting to know who I am in Christ and learning to love, appreciate and define myself.  When I realised I don’t have to be what people think or say I am. I am who God says I am,” she said.

On her divorce from Pastor Eric Omba, Gloria said: ‘I don’t want to go into details because I think it has been many years and I have talked about it previously so I would not want to keep talking about it.

“What I would mention is that marriage is work and it is not one-sided work. It is a commitment between both people. If it is just one person working in the marriage, then it will not be stable,” she said.

Adding: “No one looks forward to a divorce. I did not see it coming and when it came it was really unfortunate. But it is here. Will I stay down and hit myself and ask why I had to divorce? I did not want it to come to that but it did somehow. So life has to go on. The best I can do is be easy on myself.”

“When you are at a place where you know that you did everything you could to make your marriage work and it did not, when you are sure that there was nothing else left for you to try because you did everything, if it still does not work you can’t blame yourself. I can only pat myself and say, ‘Well done, girl! You did your best!”

The experience taught her a lesson that she holds dear. She said it is relevant to all marriages.

“I learned that in a relationship it is about what I am bringing to it. You cannot get fulfillment from the other person. It has to be within. What you expect from the other person, you have to find it within yourself, especially things that money cannot buy like happiness, joy and love. Because you cannot also give what you do not have. Even if you do not find it in the other person, you are fine and fulfilled, you will not end up a broken vessel. God is the ultimate fulfillment,” Gloria said.

The ‘Matokeo’ singer was unwilling to reveal whether she is currently dating. “Let me not talk about that. When I am ready to talk about that part of my life I will talk about it, but for now, I am not ready,” she said.

On her two-year hiatus in which she has done only a couple of collabos, Gloria said: “I took a break because I have been travelling a lot.

“I have been doing international ministry in Europe and I also went back to school to stufy Theology, but this year I decided to balance everything – being in studio and in school. I released a new song three weeks ago called ‘Look to Jesus’ and I’m still in studio doing more projects,” she said.

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