‘Tuirio Twega’ Hitmaker Jose Sets Sights on Becoming a Pastor

February 18, 2020

Kikuyu musician Jose Gatutura says he has what it takes to become a pastor.

Jose, who is known for secular hits such as ‘Tuirio Twega’, ‘Haha ni gute’, ‘Dia kihanya’ says he is not saved but most of his songs are directed by God.

“I am not saved but I know Christ is the Lord and I always see that I will one time become a pastor. But at the right time.

“I preach through my music, only that most people don’t understand the message. There is time for everything and I will be a gospel artiste,” he said.

Jose said his music addresses the wrongs of modern society. “I always refer to something that has ever happened to me or I have seen happening to people,” he said.

“A song like ‘haha nigute’, I address both men and women. I try to stop them from getting love from the wrong places. With that, I save many marriages back home,” Jose added.

The singer who is known for his slogan, ‘Machete’, also revealed that he has tried to collabo with gospel artistes but they don’t take him seriously.

“They refused but I can sing with anyone,” he said in a YouTube interview.

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