Pastor Ng’ang’a Demands Apology From Kenya Railways or Else…

February 7, 2020

Neno Evangelism Centre preacher James Ng’ang’a is now demanding an apology from Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) for portraying him as a land grabber.

The controversial pastor is locked in a tussle with the State corporation over the land on which his cash cow stands. On Sunday, February 2, he rubbished claims that the piece of land along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi belongs to KRC.

In a fiery warning during his Sunday sermon, pastor Ng’ang’a even threatened to curse Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) managing director Philip Mainga.

“I swear before God, hutabakisha hata mjukuu duniani hapa(you will not leave even one grandchild alive on the face of the earth).

“Will I keep issuing blessings? We also curse. It is inconceivable that people wake up to joke with a man of God. Which God are you playing with?” he posed.


In a new development, the devil-exorcising “Man of God”, has reiterated that the land is rightfully his and Kenya Railways should apologise for claiming he encroached on their land.

Failure to do so in a month’s time and pastor Ng’ang’a will seek legal action, a notice by his lawyers to the corporation indicates.

“We shall proceed to file legal proceedings against the corporation one month after service of this notice and obtain appropriate orders of injunction,” says C.M. Ngugi Rebiro and Co. Advocates.

Ng’ang’a said he bought the land(L.R No. 209/9640) on August 13, 2008, for Sh42 million from Kenya Finance Investment Company Limited, formerly Kenya Finance Corporation Limited.

“On 28 August, 2008, the said transfer was duly registered and the Land Titles Registry at Nairobi by the Registrar of Titles,” the lawyers add.

The lawyers noted that their client has twice secured loans using the said title as collateral.

Ng’ang’a further argues that he put up the large church structure which is visible from any corner of the city yet nobody, including KRC, have ever raised any objection to its construction or existence which is now approaching 15 years.

“In a nutshell and with all due respect, our client vehemently denies that the said parcel of land encroaches on the land initially reserved for railway use and therefore they unable accede your request that they surrender any document relating to it,” the letter reads.

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