#MensConference2020: All The Best Reactions From Anti-Valentine’s Twitter Trend

February 14, 2020

The highly-anticipated Men’s Conference is well underway in various parts of the world, with social media serving as the “venue” for men to come together for the sole purpose of pouring cold water on the excitement of Valentine’s Day.

The annual event was founded in 2019 by men who felt aggrieved by the unfavorable terms and conditions of Valentine’s Day. This year’s event saw participants start to trickle into the “venue” a day earlier in readiness for stress-free fun and entertainment.

Organizers on Thursday confirmed that tickets were sold out in December. They said there has been a drastic increase in the number of participants this year.

“Following the success of last year’s men’s conference, we have seen more numbers this year than we expected. We are also proud to announce that there are more women participants this year. It’s a glorious day. I really feel sorry for the victims who couldn’t make it this year but choices have consequences,” said one of the organisers in Kenya, Mr Wakiritho from Ndenderu.

On the first day of the Men’s Conference, attendees were seen having the time of their life, with lots of care-free dancing and thrill-seeking activities on display.

Our guys on the ground were at the venue and here’s what they gathered:


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