Jackie Matubia Opens Up on Being Rejected By Her Mother

February 28, 2020

Television presenter Jackie Matubia has gone public about her difficult childhood growing up with a mother who rejected her.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the former ‘Tahidi High’ actress disclosed that the rejection came after her parents separated.

She said she had no stable home as her parents kept moving her from one family to the next. This, she said, messed her up while growing up.

My mum was married to my biological dad and then she had me. So the first time I had an issue with my marriage nikaenda nikamwambia. She was like ‘I hope history doesn’t repeat itself’…Mama na baba wali wachana and it really messed me up because nilikuwa namove-ishwa from one family to another, before you trust someone ushatolewa,” she recalled.

Ms Matubia said her mother struggled with accepting her because she got remarried and back then it was a big issue getting married to someone with a child.

Tatizo ilikuwa kuniaccept. Back in the day ukiolewa ukiwa na mtoto ilikuwa shida it’s not like today. It was really tough for me,” Matubia said.

She noted that this affected her into adulthood; she created a wall whereby anytime she realized someone was about to reject her, she would act weird and push the person away to protect herself.

Asked about her relationship with the mum, Jackie said they began making amends after the birth of her daughter.

We hang out and talk. I love my mum na nilimsamehea,” she said.

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