Hear Ye, Hear Ye. I’m Dating Singer Leting – Nyce Wanjeri

February 28, 2020

Film and television actress Nyce Wanjeri wants the world to know that she is indeed dating ‘Halisi Band’ member, Galvin Leting.

The pair sparked relationship murmurs on Valentine’s Day after posting cuddly photos of themselves on their respective social media pages. This was weeks after Nyce was featured in Halisi the Band’s ‘Tuma Pesa’ music video.

Speaking for the first time about their love affair, Nyce said she posted Leting because their relationship is legit.

“Yes, I posted and not for likes. I can’t post something for controversy. I am not looking for people to like my character. It is something that I posted and it is legit and the whole of Kenya should know that Nyce is dating Galvin Kipkemboi Leting, a Luhya/Kalenjin,” she said.

While she did not disclose details about how they met and whatnots, the former ‘Auntie Boss’ star actress described Leting as an all-in-one person.

“I like so much about him. I love people for who they are and really supportive,” she said.

On if she keeps in touch with her ex-husband Tito Wagithomo on matters to do with their daughter, Nyce said they don’t communicate.

“I would not want to communicate with him. Let him have his own life as I enjoy my happy moments and I am good to go,” she said.

“My baby is fine and she has other father figures like my brothers. I have people who are there to mould her life as a father figure.”

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