Govt to Roll Out Round Two of Huduma Namba Registration

February 28, 2020

Following the launch of the Huduma Namba public participation exercise that started this week, the government is set to begin another round of registering its citizens.

According to National project coordinator, Philip Lemahasia, Huduma Namba registration would be rolled out across the country.

“The exercise would give an opportunity to both Kenyans and foreigners who failed to register during the earlier exercise due to lack of enough time,” said Lemahasia as quoted by K24.

He noted that the government is aware that a substantial number of citizens, foreigners and refugees were not registered due to logistical factors.

“We are calling upon them to take advantage of the second round and register since the exercise opens up as this will help access government services easily,” he said.

Elsewhere, Information Communications Principal Secretary Jerome Ochieng’ assured Kenyans that their Huduma Namba data is safe.

The official, who was speaking in Kisumu on Wednesday, said the data will only be accessible as provided for by the Data Protection Act, 2019.

Mr Ochieng’ said the ICT and Innovation Ministry was in the process of establishing a commission to oversee the management of all data in the country.

“We were waiting for approval from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) which we have received and soon we shall advertise for the position of data commissioner and other members of staff,” he said.

Public Participation held concurrently across the eight segmented regions is expected to set in motion the rolling out of phase two of Huduma number.

The PS asked Kenyans to take advantage of the window and present their views before 2nd March 2020 to be incorporated in the regulations.

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