‘Abujubuju…’ Throwback PHOTO of Pastor Burale Stirs Baby Fever on Social Media

February 27, 2020

Celebrity preacher Pastor Robert Burale was all the rage on social media Tuesday after sharing a never-before-seen photo of himself as a baby.

The motivational speaker seemingly couldn’t wait for ‘Throwback Thursday’ Instagram trend to unearth the relic from his old family photo album and share it with his over 305K followers on the gram.

While he did not reveal how old he was when the photo was taken, the pastor looks to have been about a year old but I could be wrong. Assuming I’m right and after applying some ‘Mazematics’, the photo could have been taken some time in 1976 or early ’77 given that Pastor Burale, 43, was born on 14th March, 76.

From the picture, it became apparent that the image consultant was born to be stylish, at least thanks to his mother who had him looking fashionable in a baby dungaree and what is nowadays known as a ‘f*ck boy’ haircut.

Burale captioned the photo: “Yours Truly Robert Burale …..like @mwalimchurchill would say ” tell your neighbour you must have been a cute baby ??”

His fans, mostly women, could not keep calm and they let their ‘awwws’ and ‘abujubujus’ come out to play.

Some reactions:

alexchemareni:The ears have it??????”
armstrongtheblackpearl:Your cut on the side begun when you were a baby… A stylish cute baby…”
ronnyreagan5: “??????You must have been a cute baby even if they don’t look at you right now ???????”
quinter_ochyeng: “Awww abujubuju toto lovely”
mbulakitheka: “Ohh this is such a cute cuchie coooochie yummie looking beibiiii.. .. What happened? ???”
sabby_dottie: “I can see the side cut started long time ago ?”
winniejoywairimu7: “The eyes can tell you were thinking out of the box ???”
adriendavida: “You still got fashion from childhood”
nthenya001: “Aaaaw abuju buju ?? @burale1”
trizy_katy: “The eyes have it… you were a cute baby…abujubuju”
omariregina: “Abujubujuuu”
Winnie.githinji: “you really were a beautiful baby!?”
Indeed he was and then this happened.

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