Watch: Size 8’s Daughter Wambo Pulls off Clever Prank at the Dentist’s Office

January 16, 2020

The Murayas walijua hawajui. This after the couple’s daughter, Ladashabelle Wambo, pulled off a hilarious prank while at the dentist’s office.

From what we can gather from her mother Size 8, Wambo had been complaining about a toothache whenever it was time to eat. Being the concerned mother that she is, the gospel singer decided not to take any chances and took Wambo to see a dentist. Shock on her!

During a quick checkup, the dentist only found “very beautiful teeth”. When asked to locate the pain she had been “feeling”, Ladasha responded: “It’s over!”

Size 8 shared a short clip of the hilarious moment on Instagram and wrote: “Woi this children ????where do they get such intelligence from. Woi nimekuwa nikimpa @ladashabelle.wambo chakula ananiambia my teeth pain. I believe and stop giving her food nilikuwa so worried coz amekuwa akifanya hivyo for days so Kurush kwa dentist kumbe ni kipindi mission kuhepa kukula ????????? uwwwiii”

In the comments section, Wambo’s dad, DJ Mo, added: “Anajifanya mjanja tushamjua ????”

Wambo’s antics left fans thoroughly amused with some mothers sharing their own experiences of kids refusing to eat.

“Wangu ni kupupu na kususu time ya kula, chakula ikifika kwa meza anaanza kukazwa. Na mimi nikamjulia, so namkazia namwambia amalize food halafu aende, akimaliza kula anasema susu ama pupu imepotea..” one fan shared.

“Woii acha ninyamaze juu juzi nilivuta kiti I found out zinatupangwa apo nyuma kama sioni Alafu naambiwa amekula???,” wrote another.

Another observed: “???woi huyo mtoto ametoa ujanja kwa djmokenya”

A fourth commenter wrote: “???Children drama but it’s cute though…Best gift that anyone can ever ask God for…Mama Wambo you’re blessed….You my greatest inspiration…. May God continue lifting you higher and higher.”

Watch the video below.

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