‘Wakavinye was my “Sponsor” in Campus’ – Njugush

January 27, 2020

Online comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has opened up about how he and his wife, Celestine, handle their finances.

Speaking on The Wicked Edition hosted by Dr King’ori, the funnyman said couples should have a sit down on finances. He said they started being open to each other about finances when they were still dating in college.

According to Njugush, Ndinda alias Wakavinye was his ‘sponsor’ in campus because he was broke.

“By then I was in third year, yeye alikuwa first year… Somehow mimi sikuwa na kakitu,” he said.

“It’s because in college, kuna ile pesa nilikuwa napatiwa na mzae alikuwa anajua ni hio. So ikipita hapo, siwezi itisha doh. Pesa yangu ilikuwa inaisha tarehe tano.”

Noting that Wakavinye used to cater for his needs, Njugush said that when he started making money, it wasn’t hard to manage their finances since they were open with one another.

In fact, Wakavinye was the one who was in charge of finances.

“When I started making few coins, yeye hakuwa anamake as much. Actually she was the one who had my ATM. Yeye ndio alikuwa anaoperate dooh from that time. Kwa sababu ilikuwa yeye ndio alikuwa incharge of dooh at that time,” narrated Njugush.

He went on to disclose that they combine the income they both net and create a budget so that none of them has a greater burden than the other.

Recounting how they met, Njugush said the first time they spoke was when Wakavinye asked him if he could lend her his earphones.

On her part, Wakavinye said she had no idea she would marry Njugush as they started out as friends and took it one step at a time.

They noted that their relationship has never been perfect and that they had previously asked for a break. However, they never left each other’s side.

“But now when you are married, umetulia; unajua hizo enzi hauko sure hio relationship kama ni ya forever,” Njugush said.

“But once you have made up your mind, its 100% ni huyu niko na yeye. Nataka kupata mtoi na yeye. Tumeoana. There is no going back.”

“So the only thing is, if truly you love that person, if truly there is something about you two, you have differences, even major one. But at the end of the day you will find a way to work around them,” Njugush said.

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