‘Unbreakable!’ Tanasha Donna Rubbishes Rumors Diamond is Cheating

January 7, 2020

Reports that Diamond Platnumz is cheating on his newest baby mama – Tanasha Donna – are rife and spreading like wild bush fire.

In what appears to be yet another trademark move, the Bongo superstar is said to have jumped to the next one just months after Donna gave birth to their son.

It is the same move Diamond pulled with former partner and baby mama Zari Hassan when he cheated on her with Hamisa Mobetto.

I hate to the bearer of bad news but knowing Diamond, he probably already has his eyes set on his next baby mama as he continues to “cross-pollinate” across the East African region with reckless abandon. I just don’t see how the “ever-thirsty” Wasafi boss can spread his seed in Uganda(Zari), Tanzania(Hamisa), Kenya(Tanasha), and skip the creme de la creme of east-central Africa beauties(arguably) – Rwanda.

Social media users have also identified Diamond’s pattern and have cautioned Tanasha to expect the worst. In fact, gossip sites in Tanzania have already identified Diamond’s alleged sidepiece as Rose.

An undated video[watch below] of Diamond and Rose getting cosy with each other has also been leaked to fuel the cheating rumors.

Nevertheless, Tanasha Donna has remained defiant and continued to defend her man against the allegations.

She posted her photo with the singer and wrote: “Unbreakable”.

In another post, Tanasha rubbished the reports as rumors.

“Don’t spread with your mouth, what your eyes didn’t see. Rumors are dumb as the people who believe them and as fake as the people who start them,”  she blasted.

Undated video of Diamond and Rose:



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