Raila Odinga Swears He Never Approached DP Ruto For Handshake Deal

January 28, 2020

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga says he was shocked by Ruto’s claim that he[Raila] approached the DP first before striking the handshake deal with President Uhuru.

Speaking during an interview on NTV Sunday, the ODM leader termed the claim by Ruto as unethical.

“I was shocked and surprised when Ruto said I had approached him. That is very unethical. Some good samaritans spoke to me and I gave them my conditions. Ultimately the conditions were met and Uhuru and I talked,” Raila said.

“Why would I call Ruto? I never did. That I can swear. I never spoke to William Ruto.”

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Raila also noted that his major issue with Ruto is his source of wealth. According to Odinga, a lifestyle audit on the DP would prove that his wealth is questionable.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t like him as a person but there are things he does that I do not agree with,” Raila said adding that he first met Ruto in 1978.

On if he sees Ruto being the President of Kenya, Raila said; “Why not. If the people of Kenya elect him as the president who am I to say no.”

He also reiterated that he has never discussed Jubilee Party affairs with Uhuru and their focus is on the BBI.

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