PHOTOS – Vera Sidika Goes From White to Black Again

January 21, 2020

Vera Sidika’s affinity with switching colours has once again left netizens stunned on social media.

Months after the socialite broke the internet after unveiling a dark “complexion”, Vera has now treated her prized car to a similar kind of transformation.

The former video vixen and reality TV actor had her white Range Rover wrapped into glossy black and she couldn’t keep calm, taking to social media to flaunt the stunning outcome.

“Check out the Before and After of my Car guys ? From White to Glitter Gloss Black ?I Love it! ❤️” she wrote.

In keeping up with the theme of her own skin complexion(Black to white to black), it is worth noting that Vera once owned a black Range Rover Sport before buying the white one(Evoque). I suppose it will only be a matter of time before she goes back to white.

In the meantime, Vera is over the moon after going back to black if the video below is anything to go by. Check out the photos after the video.



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