Larry Madowo Reveals His “New Home” That’s Not Kenya, Netizens React

January 21, 2020
Larry in Berlin, Germany

You can always trust Larry Madowo to stir up emotions and reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

The former Nation Media Group crown jewel was at it again on Monday when he appeared to disown Kenya as his home.

While bragging about his travels over the last month, Larry indicated that his home is in New York City.

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“Woke up in my own bed for the first time in a month. Kenya, Nigeria, France & Germany were good but it’s great to be back home in New York City. Even if its -6° C,” he tweeted.

This prompted Kenyans on Twitter to jump on his case, with some reminding him that his home and bed are in Siaya. Others noted that Larry Madowo was being a typical Luopean, who are renowned for braggadocio.

“This was the ‘home’ you alluded to? Awuoro that you have disowned us,” one user wrote.

“Ujaluo itakuua, so unajibeba you are an American that’s why you are all over vile umetembea……. Enda soma,” another tweep shouted.

A third KOT noted: “Yaani hivo ndio umetutoka brathe, hadi NY imekuwa home. Anyhu utarudi tu deni ya China lazima tulipe Pamoja.”

Here are more reactions.

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