KTN TV Presenter Chero Now Threatens to Sue Rawbeena for Defamation

January 21, 2020

The beef between former besties, Carolyn Chero Oywa and singer Rawbeena, has taken a twist after the TV presenter threatened to sue over alleged defamation.

This comes after the Finland based Kenyan singer alleged she funded the lifestyle of the ‘Str8 Up’ presenter.

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Chero is now demanding an apology from Rawbeena through a letter titled, ‘Defamatory and reckless statements’. It reads in part: “In their entirety, either in their natural and ordinary meaning or by imputations and innuendos, your statements meant and were understood to mean that our client is promiscuous, opportunist, ungrateful, a bad friend, a thief, unreliable and incapable of keeping true friendship.

“The defamatory text was calculated to injure, disparage and lower the esteem with which the general public regards and holds our client, considering our client is a famous TV show host.”

Chero, through her lawyer, adds: “Take notice that in the event we do not get a positive reaction from you, our instructions are to institute a defamation suit against your client for damages without any further reference and at your client’s peril as to costs and other consequences.”

Reached for comment, Rawbeena said she is ready to go to court.

“I am not going to apologise. I will wait for the seven days, if she wants to sue me, we will go to court. I am ready,” she told Word Is.

“I wanted to set the record straight and if I continue putting the record straight, it means it will bring her a lot of shame. But again, I am mature and I can’t stoop that low. If they want us to go that way, we will. Why should I apologise while I was the one who lost cars, money and time? That is not possible. After the seven days, she should go on.”

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