DJ Mo Responds After Fans Complain Over ‘Expensive’ Valentine’s Dinner

January 23, 2020

DJ Mo does not understand why fans are complaining over the price of their Valentine’s dinner, ‘Dine with the Murayas’.

The DJ stunned fans on Instagram Tuesday when he posted a poster of the event indicating charges are Sh7,000 per couple and VIP Sh10,000 per couple for the red carpet affair at The Emory hotel.

Following the concerns by interested fans who deemed the prices as too expensive, DJ Mo said the event is a limited affair for those who can afford.

“I don’t know why people think the event is expensive because the fee includes all the activities and the four-course meal. We want to make Valentine’s Day different from what people have been doing,” he said.

“Even if we put it at the lowest price, there are still those who will still not afford,” he added.

On what attendees can expect, Mo said: “As the Murayas, we are just the moderator of the event, but many other couples will come and share their stories, which will inspire people.”

He said guest speakers will be confirmed at a later date.

“Relationship is a beautiful thing, especially with the right partner and well-rooted in God, whether married, dating, courting or even mnakatiana,” DJ Mo said.

“So come hear our story, ups and downs, we also dine together with you and yours, play games galore with your partner, love dance and open mic for different lovebirds sharing their testimonies. Content 18+ only.”

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