Watch: Nviiri The Storyteller Delivers Second Single ‘Overdose’

September 3, 2019

Sol Generation Records artiste Nviiri the Storyteller has dropped his second single under the record label started by Kenya’s Afro-pop band Sauti Sol.

Nviiri’s second release is titled ‘Overdose’, a fitting follow-up to his spectacular first single ‘Pombe Sigara’ released in June.

In ‘Pombe Sigara’, Nviiri tells the tale of a guy with a serious addiction for women while in ‘Overdose’, the guy seems to have overdosed on his addiction. Here’s to hoping the guy is not Nviiri himself, and if by any chance it’s him, I hope he’s getting the help he needs. Lol.

‘Overdose’ is co-written by Wuod Omollo and Bienaime Baraza, produced by Wuod Omollo and co-produced by FancyFingers.

Once again, Nviiri Sande doesn’t seem to get a tone wrong and the song’s production is top-notch. I’m starting to think Nviiri might just be the Kenyan version of Khalid.

Check out ‘Overdose’ below or on YouTube. Rating 8/10.

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