Watch: Drama as P-Unit Rappers Cause a Scene After Arrest of Dancers During Video Shoot

September 5, 2019

Members of Genge rap group P-Unit nearly came to blows with authorities following the arrest of their dancers during a video shoot.

From what we can gather, the ‘Weka Weka’ hitmakers were shooting a music video for a song with Yvonne Darcq a few weeks ago when their dancers were unfairly arrested and detained for hours.

P-Unit member Frasha claims that the dancers, who are minors, had been given permission by their parents and were on school leave. He adds that the dancers were arrested in the middle of the shoot and detained for over 12 hours.

“These were young boys with dreams and we gave them a platform for them to be seen by the world. Little did we know how the day would end,” Frasha said.

The rapper also shared a clip showing their confrontation with authorities while demanding the release of the boys.

Frasha said the dancers were finally released after they reached out to their parents and cleared the air with police.

“In the middle of the shoot these kids were arrested and were detained for over 12 hours. Total injustice!! Anyway, after getting the parents and clearing the air they were released.

He added: “This is the kind of harassment artists go through every day. As we try to make an honest living and create opportunities for the next generation police still arrest us. Kids can be actors, dancers, artists or anything they want, don’t kill their dreams with such stunts.”

Watch how the confrontation ensued below.

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