Rapper Raj Pours His Heart Out to Ngina Kenyatta in a Love Song

September 4, 2019

First daughter Ngina Kenyatta continues to spellbind her hopeless admirers despite being one of the most low-key public personalities in the country.

Months after a Chinese man declared his love for the President’s daughter, Kenyan rapper Raj has turned to song to pour his heart out to Ngina. The Nairobi-based Kisii rapper has released a track named after the damsel, professing his love, albeit unrequited.

In fact, Raj says he would love the approval of President Uhuru Kenyatta to date and marry Ngina.

“I would want to ask for his blessings, aniambie tu nijitetee. I would like him to be OK with it,” he said.

“My dad would be delighted, plus my mum is very religious,” he added.

The rapper notes that ‘Ngina’ is dedicated to the First daughter.

‘Ngina’ is the fourth record off of RAJ’s #BAETUESDAY 2.0, his signature weekly series where he releases new music, videos and collaborations every Tuesday from August till December in anticipation for his #BAE2 (Beautiful And Exquisite2) album.

Check it out below.

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