My Pastor Told Me to Apologize to Bahati, Weezdom Speaks on EMB Return

September 4, 2019

Gospel singer Weezdom has turned out to be the Biblical prodigal son following his return to Bahati’s record label EMB.

Weezdom had left the label claiming that his music was not being released as frequently as he wanted. He would go on to drag Bahati’s name in the mud, accusing him of deleting his music from the EMB records YouTube channel due to his appearance on Willy Paul’s music video.

Weezdom also alleged that Bahati’s wife Diana Marua was meddling with affairs at the label.

Bahati and Weezdom have since reconciled and the latter admits that he was wrong for attacking his ”father in the music industry”.

“It is a very personal decision. He[Bahati] was the one who put me in the limelight since the first day. I have been attacking him since I left his label but I thought it wasn’t the right thing to do.

“I reached out to him because my pastor and friends have been telling me to apologise for a long time. My mother takes Bahati as his own child, he has helped her so much, even when we weren’t in good terms with him,” said Weezdom.

Prior to his return to EMB Records, Weezdom had been signed under DJ Sadic’s label Genius Entertainment.

“Sadic and I had a different kind of contract, which was based on projects. I wasn’t enclosed there for years, it was a way of me not being stuck. We didn’t break up, it was just a different agreement,” he said.

“I haven’t gone to EMB as a business, I’m just back home. Bahati is more than a person signing me, he is my father in the music industry.”

“He has the anointing which is connected to me. It is very rare to find a man asking another man for forgiveness, but I did that because I wanted to go back home.”

To mark his return back home, Weezdom has released a new song with Bahati titled ‘Block’.

“We are blocking all kinds of negativity, the devil and temptations. It’s like putting a reminder in your mind to ignore the wrong things and embrace what is good,” he said.

“I have started a new journey and I don’t want to confuse my fans. I want to preach the gospel and I forgive everyone.”

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