‘Wakavinye’ Disliked Dogs But Hubby Njugush Helped Change That

August 14, 2019

Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye, wife of top online comedian ‘Njugush’, hated dogs before they got married.

The couple now has a pet dog christened ‘Sam’. “I didn’t like dogs and all I knew is that they should be kept outside,” Celestine said.

She said her view on dogs changed and she learnt to love them because Njugush loves them. Interestingly, Njugush was also not big on dogs when he was younger.

He disclosed that he disliked them and he was once punished for that by his father.

“I swore that when I get my own house, I would keep one. I now love animals and nature,” he said.

Wakavinye also revealed another thing that has changed since getting married to Njugush; she didn’t like going to events with him when they started dating.

“I tried to avoid it as much as possible but here I am now, already adapted to that life,” she said.

Asked about what annoys him the most about his wife, Njugush said,

“Mimi kitu huwa inaniudhi ni akiamka asubuhi. Mimi nikiamka huwa naamka niki tip toe. Yeye akiamka hawezi amka polepole na saa hizo hana kitu ya maana anaenda kufanya.”  

“She then turns on all the lights, including those in the balcony, which she doesn’t even need,” he added.

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