State House Intruder Still Requires Medical Attention, Court Orders

August 8, 2019

Brian Bera, the JKUAT student who was shot as he attempted to enter State House, Nairobi on Wednesday appeared in court where he made some sensational remarks.

The 25-year-old told a Nairobi court that he wanted to save the many jobless youths in Kenya.

Bera also submitted in court that he was a grown-up and his father should be barred from interfering with his life. He also stated that he did not want to go to a mental facility and does not want to brush shoulders with the police and doctors because he can ‘kill them’.

The Mechanical Engineering student further pleaded to be forgiven and released.

Magistrate Andayi directed that he still be held at a mental facility under his father’s care.

“The accused still requires medical attention and therefore he is still not fit to take a plea,” said Magistrate Andayi.

Bera will now be under medication for a period of two months and will return to the court on October 9, 2019.

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