Rapper Frasha Quits Alcohol for Good Having Spent Sh500K on Booze in 1 Month

August 16, 2019

P-Unit rapper Francis Amisi, alias Frasha, has quit alcohol for good.

About three years ago, the youth leader under Maendeleo Chap Chap started off with the #40daysfreeofalcoholchallenge. He undertook the challenge to stay sober for 40 days every year, which has culminated in Frasha quitting the bottle completely.

“After doing the 40 days sobriety challenge for several years, I have realised the importance of quitting alcohol completely. As you mature up, you start realising that there are things you are doing that are no longer important, which are wasting your time, money and even they make you lose focus,” Frasha told Word Is.

Frasha, who has been taking alcohol for 15 years, once spent over Sh500,000 in one month. He said when he remembers how much he has spent on alcohol, he regrets.

“There is nothing good about alcohol. First, it will affect your financial status, health and make you lose focus because of the hangovers,” he said.

According to Frasha, his wife has not yet come to terms that he is a changed man. “My wife still thinks I am joking, and she has given me time,” he said.

He advised Kenyan youth who take alcohol to always think of what they want in life and where they want to be in a few years to come.

“I have realised alcohol will always be there, so every individual should evaluate themselves and the choices you want in life,” Frasha said.

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